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1. Research and teaching are equally emphasized. Especially focus on seminar training of master’s students. We also organize two Journal clubs, which are held each week:
 a. Immunology Journal club 
 b. Infectious disease Journal club

2. The communication and collaboration are well established among the faculties in the department. Core laboratories with sophisticated instruments are well managed and maintained to serve the needs of faculty research.

3. To concentrate on important research issues, the following research teams are assembled :dengue virus, enterovirus 71, SARS virus, group A streptococcus, Vibrio vulnificus, asthma, cancer, Chinese herb medicine and healthy food. etc.

4. The students will be trained with the spirit of self-discipline and optimism as well as progressive learning attitude to create active academic atmosphere.

5. We have two traditional and academic journal clubs (Immunology and Infectious disease ) held each week in our department.

6. We also have a unique TGIF study meeting, in which humanism, philosophy and scientific thinking are thoroughly discussed.

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