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Introduction to vaccinology

Introduction to vaccinology (疫苗學概論)

The class integrates the fundamental knowledge of molecular biology, biotechnology and immunology into introduction to vaccinology. Fragmented information and cumulative experiences contribute to the learned knowledge including knowledge of vaccine. The syllabus of the class covers different topics including current well-known effective vaccines, on-going developing vaccines and the challenging tasks in vaccine development to deliver the strategic concept and process of vaccine development as well as protective mechanism.


本課程為 二學分。Two credits for the class.

選修本課程所需具備的基本知識包含 細胞及分子生物學、免疫學及微生物學
Requirement knowledge: Cell and molecular biology, Immunology and Microbiology

本課程的教育目標為 培養具備疫苗知識與執行能力的專業人才
Objective of the class: Cultivation of professional for knowledge on and capable of conducting vaccine research in Microbiology and Immunology

1. 具備免疫學、微生物學、細胞及分子生物學、生物資訊等專業知識,並熟悉相關實驗技術的操作。
2. 能設計實驗並分析和統整實驗數據,以獲得合理結論。
3. 能以中文和英文進行有效溝通和討論。
4. 能活用知識、整合產學及從事轉譯醫學。

The literacy and core of the class
1. Professional knowledge and relevant experimental techniques on Immunology, Microbiology, Cell and molecular biology, and Bioinformatics.    
2. Ability to design and execute experiments, and to analyze the results to obtain logical conclusions.
3. Ability to communicate effectively in both Chinese and English. 
4. Ability to use knowledge creatively in areas such as Industry-University collaborations and translational medicine.


Vision for career: Students will have alternative selection for career, for example research and development in industry, academic lecturer and government job with relevant specialty